Crafting is in my blood.  Ever since I was a child, my only desire was to create.  Whether it was building towers with rocks & pebbles found outdoors, or journaling in my own handmade faux-fur covered notebook-- my artistic gears were always turning inside.  I was often happy alone-- deep in my thoughts, drawings, writings, paintings, or perhaps just a good book.

After many years of exploring many different mediums, I finally found my niche in hoop making in 2010 when I picked up my first "adult" heavyweight hula hoop.  I admired the many colors and how the possibilities of design ideas were endless and completely up to the hoop owner!  I started making hoops for fun and playing around with different tape-- colors, textures, and placements.  In order to see more colors and design ideas come to life, the frugal side of me decided it wise to create many hoops for me and many hoops to sell-- as a way to fund my new "hoop art" obsession.  It was a risky move and somewhat expensive, but in the end it has paid off, and it is my great customers that help keep me in business.

So as you can see, making hoops is not just about hooping for me.  It's more about creating and seeing a color palette in my head come to life with tape on a hula hoop.  To some it may sound cheesy, but to me it is FUN!

I have spent years building my customer base, and as of present my customers come from all over the world --  I have shipped hoops as far as Australia all the way from my home here in Missouri, United States!

This year I plan to take my business a step further into unique handmade hoop wares and products (designed entirely by ME) that I think my customers will love.  I am excited to be working on my new ideas and I cannot wait to share them when they are ready for debut! Keep on the lookout by coming back to my site often, and also follow me on Facebook!  Thanks for stopping by... Peace, love and HOOPS!

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